Season Six

You Win Or You Die

A fond look at Season 6 is in order. Your ravens have landed, the season must be owned.

Winter is Here

A podcast had time to process six's finale, time to ask the audience questions, and time to look forward into Winter.

The Winds of Winter

The epic finale of Season 6 is here. A podcast records moments after the finish.

The End of Autumn

Autumn is finished. Long live Winter. Ozzyman joins the cast for a last pass before our Winter winds blow.

Battle of the Bastards

Bastard, meet Bastard. Dragon, meet Kraken. Let's do this.

No One Part Two

Time calls for a second look into No One. Time calls for one last, long, deep breath before bastards meet bastards.

No One

A podcast finally meets No One. Heartfelt reunions frame drama in the Riverlands, while our friends in the East being to move West.

The Broken Man Part Two

A podcast peers close at questions born from "The Broken Man". Answers are nearly at hand as this season nears it's end.

The Broken Man

He's back. But oh the satisfaction. Action in the middle country is brewing, while old threats and new friends begin to burn hotter than ever.

Blood of My Blood Part Two

This week, we question everything. Things are heating up, and Winter is coming.

Blood of my Blood

Starks. Finding themselves, finding one another. And finding home. Episode 6 is here, and with it, so many quesions.

Interview with Kristian Nairn

Kristian Nairn joins the podcast for an emotional conversation following the UK premiere of The Door.

The Door

He held the door. Hearts are broken, mysteries are ended. We tried to hold it together.

Book of the Stranger Part Two

The long night is coming. Brynden BFish returns in this second part and emotional journey into Book of the Stranger and beyond.

Book of the Stranger

We've been in this together for years, friends. A Stark reunion has come. Dany remains unburnt. Now, a podcast must process.

Oathbreaker Part Two

Emotions have leveled after our past trip into the Dornish countryside. The finer points of Oathbreaker must be discussed, and your Owns must be chanted.


Jon Snow is back. The episode following our long trip Home was fated to live in comparison, but the former did not feature Arthur Dayne..

Home Part Two

This is the second part of the post "Home" heart to heart between podcast hosts, and hordes of listener Owns.


The Lord's light has shined on us all. A podcast meets moments after the final breaths of this significantly strong second sixth season episode.

Season 6 Playbook

The pieces have been set. A podcast examines what we've seen and what comes next for Game of Thrones season 6 with A Song Of Ice and Fire kingsguard, Brynden BFish.

The Red Woman

The first long night of Game of Thrones season 6 is dark, and full of terrors. It is only the beginning.