Season Five

Armed with an army of Owns, the podcast sails into a long awaited fifth season

Goodbye Season 5

Another season, gone. The table is set, your submissions have arrived — the podcast returns to reflect, remind, and definitively Own season 5.

Night Gathers

One long walk is due, for this final stride into the end season 5. Mother has shown no mercy, a podcast must attempt to lift, handle, and arrange the pieces which remain.

Mother's Mercy

From a kitchen in a village of Chicago your hosts convene for one final occasion, following a new episode of this fifth Game of Thrones season.

The Great Games

We've reached the Great Games, and finally, the end of this fifth adventure. One episode remains, before diving directly back into the long wait between seasons. Today, GOO takes one last long look at the future and this pivotal ninth episode.

The Dance of Dragons

Another ninth episode, gone. With it, loss this community had not previously expected or imagined, as the plots thicken and build toward this fifth season's sure to be epic conclusion. The story and a podcast sail onward.

After the Massacre

With days to gather wits about the podcast, we return to the shores of our story, and Hardhome.


Spellbound from the contents, path, and conclusion of the eighth installment of this fifth season, your hosts fall into conversation directly following the finish.

Imp and the Queen

Finally, it is time to share tale of the chance meeting of Lion and Dragon, in the lower pits of Meereen. In Northern Westeros a lady carves her fate, strategic tools at the ready.

The Gift

The gift of "The Gift" has been given, your hosts meeting minutes following its Sunday night premiere. Winter is coming (and with it a collection of trouble in the North), King's Landing is in chaos — a podcast simply does not know where to begin. Let's dive in.

Den of Snakes

Your hosts return for another dive into the ups, downs, and upside downs of "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken".

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

Weddings, beddings, hate and love in a garden. Crossing the halfway point, we move further into what has become an increasingly dark fifth season. Terri Schwartz joins for a podcast's first discussion of "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken".

The Ruins of Valyria

Among the mythical stone, we boat along to the tune of a thousand tales from long ago. The story, and our heroes, move forward.

Kill the Boy

Men of stone, broken towers, word of marriage, crumbled walls… A conventional description will not do. Five of five is here, with far too much to talk through.

Tales from the Crypt

The stakes are rising, several different sides play a many faced game. In this episode, a ghost of the past casts one dark shadow on those of the living. Let's head below.

Sons of the Harpy

Ghosts of the past presented to the future haunt this fourth step into our fifth season, winter is indeed coming. Recorded directly after the episode's final scene, a podcast must reflect, grieve, and anticipate this complicated game's following position.

Fetch Me a Block

The course is set, paths are crossing like never before. Our characters move steadily Northward, heading for the East — for revenge, power, and honor. What do these signs mean? Hop in the wagon for a final go at events so far, Sunday is coming.

High Sparrow

A Stark returns to Winterfell, the North remembers. Weddings, bathings, and walking ignite this week's discussion of the recently aired third episode of Game of Thrones season 5. A podcast must learn of a house and its people.

Rise, Jon Stark

A visit to Castle Black is due, for reflection on this level of new. A new Lord? A new Lord Commander? Terri Schwartz accompanies us from the top of the Wall, it's time to absorb this news.

The House of Black and White

Law, honor, gardens of water, one black and one white door. Season 5's second episode has shown, a podcast must consider events and how they unfold.

A Secret Throne

Join us by the fire, let's dive back into the season premiere. This marks episode two of opening week — enjoy inspired musical readings of listener submitted correspondence, with dramatic discussion of topics Westeros, and beyond.

The Wars To Come

Season 5 is here. A storm of attending audience leads us into this first slice at the new season, and the heavy dramatics of "The Wars to Come".

Last Breath Before Season 5

Marking the glorious occasion and celebratory atmosphere of the fifth Game of Thrones season's imminent arrival — friend, reporter, and community royal Terri Schwartz enters the GOO fray. Join us for one last breath before it all begins.