Commentary Special: You Win or You Die

Ned Stark has proven to Littlefinger his worth today as Game of Owns comes at you with another Commentary Special for HBO's Game of Thrones Season 1. Gears are turning and action begins to fall, vows are taken and tasks are handed in the plenty to a disgruntled Jon Snow and his best friend, Micah. Sam.

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Discussion Topics

  • Milk of the poppy
  • Tywin the butcher
  • You win or you die
  • Whores and theme parks
  • Theon and Osha
  • Robert signs his last rites
  • Offering Dany wine
  • Taking their vows
  • Renly councils Neddard
  • Baelish councils Eddard
  • Drogo shouts to the World
  • Betraying Ned