Love Slave

The seventh installment in HBO's Game of Thrones Season 3 is upon us! Join the crew of GOO plus's Ours Is The Fury on this episode recorded directly after the airing of the Seven, and on a day reserved for celebrating the Mothers of the world. Especially the Mother of Dragons.

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Discussion Topics

  • Fashion is off limits, ok?
  • George, writing this episode
  • Robb is pregnant
  • 180 Blackfish
  • Gendry's blood
  • Best Hodor EVAR
  • Dany's "saving people thing"
  • Theon's hornblower
  • More torture
  • Bronn and Tyrion
  • To be wed
  • Joffrey and Gramps
  • The Wolf and the Hound
  • Love triangle
  • In the glow of Jaime
  • Owns of the Show
  • Your Tweets read
  • Into a brothel..