Brothers Without Manners

The story moves this week as Sunday night brings another brand new episode of HBO's Game of Thrones for the viewing pleasure of all who choose to do so, and some who may not. In an otherwise complacent episode, violence has struck a chord with a selection of our hosts today, while others have been perpetually captivated in the beauty of what lies just south of the Wall.

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Discussion Topics

  • Over the Great Valley
  • Too much violence?
  • Goodbye, Alphawhore
  • The ship sailed
  • Jealous Melisandre
  • Zealous Melisandre
  • Now, how do we get down?
  • Tywin and Lady Olenna
  • The Freys visit sunny Harrenhal
  • Troubles around the Wall
  • A transitional episode
  • French sleeves
  • Owns of the Show
  • Reading your Tweets
  • iTunes Reviews!