Bryan Cogmaaaaan

Days after the release of the epic 5th episode of HBO's Game of Thrones this week, the man behind its writing himself Bryan Cogman joins the show to hang out with Micah, Selina, Eric, and Zack to talk Thrones and beyond, all while answering your deepest and darkest question submissions.

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Discussion Topics

  • Learning about Ryan
  • Tyrion's new book
  • Fantasy for screen
  • Learning, writing the End
  • The Reeds, The Tullys
  • Selyse and Shireen Baratheon
  • Kissed By Fire
  • Patchfaced
  • Pleasing every person
  • M'lady or My Lady
  • Podrick explained
  • Brienne and Jaime
  • Tough characters
  • Bryan's House Words
  • Are flashbacks coming?
  • Varys and Littlefinger
  • Sansa, in the Lion's den
  • Writing Season 4
  • Bryan's warning