Cat Started the War

Game of Owns is back with their week two conversationing of HBO's Game of Thrones Season 3. Sue joins the cast this week as the boys look into this new episode in which first time introductions for the season are made, old time friends are finally met, and a brand new arch of story could shake its very foundation.

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Discussion Topics

  • Eric's new love
  • Comparing the two episodes
  • Meeting Thoros
  • Jojen Reed, cheat codes
  • Theon's pleasurefest
  • #freetheon
  • Two ravens, no treasure maps
  • Condensing things
  • Heavy handed content
  • Sansa and the Tyrells
  • Cersei and Joff
  • Catelyn's strange confession
  • Rob lost the war
  • Fights on a bridge
  • Tyrion, Shae, and jealousy
  • Sam gets tired
  • The Hound appears
  • Owns of the Week
  • Reading your Tweets