Don’t Call Them Stones!

Men without honor litter the conversations this week as the team jumps right in to human BBQ scenarios that one of our hosts may or may not be visiting just after the recording of this episode. Your Owns of the Week are read just at the top of the show, setting a precedent and leading them in to the reveal that HBO has done some reshooting due to opinions on a previous episode. Is that a woman? No. It is just the boys this week on Game of Owns.

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Discussion Topics

  • The Twitter joke
  • Eric BBQing Bran and Rickon
  • Game of Thrones video game has released
  • Selina is missing
  • The most pirated tv show
  • Jon Snow gets lost
  • Your Owns tweeted and Facebooked
  • Bran and Rickon and Theon
  • Hodor repels spell
  • Don't call them stones!
  • Bad Tywin. Bad Tywin?
  • Game of Thrones = Star Wars
  • Aria the Warrior
  • Hbo reshoots due to our opinions
  • Sansa: First Blood (The action movie)
  • Cersei admits Joffrey sucks
  • Jamie Lannister owns
  • Polyjuice potion used in the filming process
  • Jorah follows his heart, Dany finally notices
  • Tyrion and Cersei have a heart to heart
  • You should read the books
  • Owns of the week
  • Cast of Thrones