Commentary Special: Winter is Coming

It's new GOO territory this Wednesday as your favorite four microphoned heroes begin a weeks long quest into creating the perfect lets-watch-this-amazing-show-together commentary specials to compliment the inevitable Game of Thrones Season 1 rewatchings. Join the team as they sit down, hang out, and explore the show's iconic pilot episode, "Winter Is Coming".

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Discussion Topics

  • A dark, snowy night
  • Introducing
  • Meeting the Starks
  • The first raven
  • A royal visit to Winterfell
  • Tyrion's first haircut
  • Hot bath
  • Surveyor Drogo
  • Jon and Tyrion
  • Cersei meets Sansa
  • Lysa's conspiracy theory
  • A Dothraki wedding
  • Bran climbs, again