Season 3 Begins

It's finally here, Game of Owns performs a ponderous gaze into the much anticipated premiere of Game of Thrones Season 3. Time stops for no one as the series moves forward and forward, moving our heroes closer and closer to refined theories and love of favorite characters.

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Discussion Topics

  • WiCNet's HearMeRoar is back
  • An epic beginning
  • The recap's giveaway
  • Welcome back Barriston
  • Souless, nippleless, soldiers
  • Camp city, in the North
  • Joining the Wildlings
  • Podblock
  • Daddy issues, Whoriphobia
  • On the boat dock
  • Falling in love with Davos
  • Margaery plays like a champion
  • Owns of the Week
  • Announcing Season 1 commentary