Kristian Nairn Interview, Part 2

Silver of hair? In this second part of Kristian Nairn's first visit to the show, the future of his character Hodor is theorized alongside the GOO cast in addition to answering an entire wheelbarrow full of your listener submitted questions.

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Discussion Topics

  • Reading from a secret Game of Thrones manuscript
  • Medal of Hodor
  • The Reeds in Season 3
  • The epic wheelbarrow shot
  • Serval_Cat asks: Is it difficult to portray a well rounded character with such a limited vocabulary as his? What helps you get into character?
  • What Hodor means to Kristian
  • Thoughts on Hodor's future
  • Unscripted "Hodor" in the Godswood
  • Gary65 asks: Has Uncle Ray told you anything more about Hodor in future books? Has he told you why he says Hodor when that's not his birth name? Is it significant?
  • Connecting with fans at ComicCon
  • Amanda asks: If you could play any other character on the show (regardless of gender) who would you pick?