Everybody Hates Theon

…Or do they? In this highly-anticipated Friday episode, reasons for liking Theon are finally confessed and examined, amid discussion of his very first POV chapter in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Theon travels to Pyke where a reunion with his father does not go as planned, his uncle is a reformed cool guy, and the line of succession may skip him in favor of his sister…

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Discussion Topics

  • Theon Thursdays?
  • Baking Cookies
  • George trolls Theon
  • It's not his fault…
  • The Uncle and the Kraken
  • The Drownded God's true name
  • Located South of the North
  • The Shipcaptain's daughter
  • Show Theon Vs. Book Theon
  • Eric's Essay
  • The Others' Points of View
  • That Freakin' Bastard
  • Chapter Owns
  • Ravens and Reviews