Commentary Special: The Pointy End

Another Commentary Special is upon us in this fateful week, the week that Game of Owns turns 100, becoming a century old in the longest summer the show has ever seen. The story begins to fall apart and move in place in this George RR Martin penned episode of Game of Thrones.

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Discussion Topics

  • Turning 100
  • Arya's first kill
  • Visiting Ned's cell
  • Jon hears the news
  • Sansa pleads her case
  • Robyn is hungry
  • Tyrion makes a deal
  • Jon saves the day
  • Dany saves the slave
  • The fly bites Drogo
  • Meeting the Greatjon
  • Rob says goodbye
  • Fun in the North
  • Letting Selmy go
  • Owns of the Show