A Storm of Swords


The cold, snowy North is a welcome mat for the beginning of our latest journey, heading finally into the already legendary story, A Storm of Swords.

Peek and Seek

Continuing travels through A Storm of Swords, GOO returns to greet, for the first time ever, point of view character Jaime Lannister and his merry friends.

Midsummer Dreams

Back from the long road of listener meet-ups and conventioning, Game of Owns returns with another chapter from the pages Ice and Fire, including certain pieces from the recent live show in Orlando, Florida.

Fight and Flight

Arya Stark is back, and leaving Harrenhal in a hurry. Hot Pie and Gendry struggle to match the pace of this episode's hero, but GOO is here to see it to the end.

The Great Demotion

Tyrion, Tyrion, Tyrion. Our first peek at this lion of Lannister, in this Storm of Swords. Together, let's climb the Serpentine steps, into the Hand's solar, and enter a new episode.

Emmy Rock

On a rock pointing skyward from the depths of Blackwater Bay, Davos joins the cast of GOO through the events of last night's Emmy Awards, and considers his path to the future.

Sex Appeal

There's a buzz in King's Landing. On today of days, the lady Sansa received an invitation. Another queen is in town, and it's time we've met them.

The Kings of Ruddy Hall

Today, an outstanding chapter, as the storming of swords rages on. Ghost and Jon Snow, ushered along by an unholy escort, enter the mobile kingdom of Mance Rayder.

Love and Dragons

Daenerys returns in this week's episode, joined by the crew of GOO and a particularly romantic Jorah Mormont. Her men await decisions, and decision-making they receive indeed.

The Eye of the Wolf

The scent. The hunt. The kill. In stark contrast with his natural body, we join Bran through the eyes of Summer, George R. R. Martin, and his comparatively seasoned friends.

The Pirate Clove

Salladhor Saan proposes a new life for an old friend, who is hell-bent with a dirk in hand. Smoke rises from the mount of Dragonstone, the Onion Knight has returned.

Brothers Befuddled

In this week's episode, the brothers Lannister work to achieve calculated ends, only to be met with rigidity from the respective ladies in their life.

Love Jail

Starks upon Starks. Arya and company are greeted by a merry group of new friends, while in Riverrun, Catelyn's noble first born returns with a crowd of surprising news.

Chastity Pelt

Jon and Ghost, growing closer to these free folk, continue their task of deep cover within the colorful ranks of Mance's wildling army. Meanwhile in King's Landing, Sansa has been gifted the hands of a seamstress and all that it will bring.

The Slayer

Today, a mad dash through Westerosian wilds as Arya's list of trusted allies slowly wilts, and the great Samwell's own strength and salt is tested beyond measure.

Tywin Lannister's Great Day

An assembly of King Joffrey's noble council discuss matters of the crown, and the will of Tywin Lannister. Meanwhile, treacherous murdering bannermen are placed before the King in the North.

High Heart

Jaime seizes a quick opportunity to outsmart Brienne following poor cousin Frey's descent from horseback, to be met only with more than he anticipates. Along the same countryside Arya travels further into the future, on the trail of elusive men without banners.

Tales of the Past

Among the dusty ranks of Astapor, Daenerys discovers her path. Far far away, huddled in a cave, Hodor and Bran are treated to a particularly fascinating Reed-spun tale.

The Lord's Kiss

Following a visit from the Lady Melisandre, two former Hands greet one another in a dank, warm prison. Beyond the Wall, Jon parts with an old friend, and grows even closer to Ygritte.



Two hundred and fifty episodes later, Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark are to be wed. All of these episodes later, Daenerys sets a fire in their flesh.

The Hounds

Tansy and The Peach greet our well-worn travelers to the Stoney Sept, amidst rubble, disorder, and watered wine. In the North, a race to the Wall's summit leads Jon's companions to a chilly fate.

Mud and Blood

Father Lannister sets to work on more options for his sons, whilst his previously planned plans work into effect. Tyrion heads back to work, and the resolution of the brutal attack on Jaime is finally upon us.

Christmas at Craster's

Celebrate the season with us and the gang at Craster's Keep, where bread and bones are to be broken. And we can't forget Sandor Claus, with his tidings of comfort and joy at the hands of those without banners.

The Onion Blossom

Lord Walder Frey submits his emissaries to Riverrun for Hoster Tully's farewell ceremony, and what would seem to be much, much more. In Dragonstone, Davos emerges from his cell to meet an unexpected adversary, conversation, and a charming new promotion.

Tell Your Father I'm Here

Finally, bath time in the North, as Jaime and Brienne prepare for a special dinner date with Roose Bolton. Southward, the great houses of Dorne file into King's Landing, a Viper in tow.


Beric Dondarrion and the Brotherhood shed blood, speaking more of their mysterious Lord. Old Nan lends a hand to Bran and company, and a weary path is crossed.

Harpist and the Harpy

It's fight and flght for Jon, seizing an opportunity to escape the Thenns and his merry band of new friends. In the East, Daenerys lowers the defense of Yunkai with the help of Daario Naharis.

Vision Quest

A return to High Heart is in order, with another batch of news that leads Arya to fateful conclusions. Ser Jaime and Qyburn share tales and dreamwine, making one tiny pit stop on the way to King's Landing.

A Man and His Elk

Thirty-five hundred strong march with King Robb toward the Twins, and the Young Wolf has a plan. Beyond the Wall, Sam and Gilly pray for Whitetree, greeted by friends old and new.

Back in Black

Today, Sandor Clegane and his new friend Arya ford the Trident with the help of a handy fistful of IOUs. Further North, Jon Snow finally returns to his brothers and Castle Black.

Pork Wagon

A host of men, beasts, and Starks ride for the Twins and a grand celebration. But first endure greetings, pleasantries, and the presentation of carefully formed words.

The Red Wedding

The union of House Frey and Tully is an occasion for grand celebration. The King, his mother, and his men remain for such sweet music. Bread has been broken, the red will run.

News for the Kings

Chapters and letters for this official welcome to the on season, it's back to the books and a Storm fit for Kings.

The Nightfort

Leading into the weekend of Game of Owns live festivities at GeekyCon, the podcast meets for an unprecedented episode. Today, we defend Castle Black and enter the Black Gate.

Strong Summer

Exciting news of the realm continues to land, and the on season has only just begun. Welcoming not-so-unfamiliar new friends and faces into the fold, the Summer and story storm onward.

The Royal Wedding

Armed with an armload of new news, the podcast finally reaches King Joffrey's very royal wedding.

Leave and Greet

The bells are ringing, Sansa is fleeing, Joffrey is no more. Today, Jaime is finally home.

Let's Kill Some Crows

Smugglers' stars dot the sky. For the truth, Lord Davos prepares to risk it all. On this night, Jon Snow leads the Watch.

The Trial

The Hound's axe took her, but now Arya follows, letting go of her mother once and forever. In this episode, Tyrion stands trial.

Petyr Baelish's Great Day

One white tower, one rocky landing of shore, a podcast moves into the new lives of classic characters. And a very, very great day at the Fingers.

Trial by Battle

Rivals, on each side of the Wall. Lord Snow contests with a new enemy, and Oberyn Martell finally meets the Mountain.

Avenging Dragons

Daenerys Stormborn has conquered Meereen. Amidst wins and loss, Jaime Lannister and the Mother of Dragons begin anew.

The Kings Beyond the Wall

Jon is sent to parlay with Mance Rayder, Jon is sent to his death. Arya and the Hound visit an inn.

King Stannis

Return of the Slayer, and boundless feelings for action following the surrender of Mance Rayder. The North, the Wall, and Lord Snow will never be the same.

No Son of Mine

Jaime and Tyrion meet, after all this time. Samwell, Varys, and many more begin to reach their ends as we near the finale of A Storm of Swords.

The Tempest Subsides

We've reached the final two points of view in A Storm of Swords. For now we say goodbye to the forever changed Sansa Stark and Jon Snow.

Lady Stoneheart

The finale of A Storm of Swords is finally here.

Sound the Charge!

The year is dead. Long live the new year. Join Game Of Owns in an epic special guest-ridden farewell to 2015 and A Storm of Swords, with talks of George's mighty update on The Winds of Winter.