Take a hot, steamy dip this Monday into your latest Game of Owns recorded only minutes after the first half of HBO's Game of Thrones Season 3 had come to a close. Joined by Winterphil, much anticipated moments, ownments, and scenes play across the screen as we learn more and more about our favorite characters and hosts.

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Discussion Topics

  • Undercover nerds
  • A Lord's Kiss
  • Barristan and Jorah
  • Jamie and the Pyromancer
  • Flaming swords, beyond the grave
  • Gendry says "My Lady"
  • Stannis and his odd, odd family
  • Roose Trollton and his "maester"
  • Bathtime Brienne, Jamie's motive
  • Tywin's punishments
  • Robb's decision
  • Owns of the Show
  • Your Tweets Read