Childsafe Crossbow

Hark, hear the words, it's Friday and Selina is back on Game of Owns! Catch up with Selina, Eric, and Zack on their thoughts of the show so far, including a revisitation of the much conversed and speculated Episode 2 Catelyn confessional, and a first time flight for a friend and brand new segment, The Raven.

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Discussion Topics

  • Finding dragons
  • Selina talks about the Reeds
  • Magic
  • This show is not in the old days
  • Revisiting Catelyn
  • Queen of Thorns
  • Crossbows are for kids
  • Eric and Joff
  • The Raven visits
  • Charles Dance reads 50 Shades
  • A listener's GOO dream
  • Defining Manse Raider
  • Commentary comments
  • Tweets!
  • If Catelyn loved Jon..
  • Game of Thrones theme park
  • Listener Brittanie met the Khaleesi
  • British iTunes review