Female Empowerment to the Zillionth

Game of Owns is back! Follow along with our panel of hosts as the latest episode of the HBO Game of Thrones series "What is Dead May Never Die" is carefully dissected and theorized. Learn about countryside giants (not the rock band), how to pronounce things, and why one of the hosts is afraid of Bran Stark switching fandoms.

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Discussion Topics

  • Mario 64
  • Zack's other podcast had a live show
  • Oh the Humanity
  • The bloodiest episode so far
  • SNL skit
  • Tyrion's trap
  • Hodor and Winterfell and Imprinting
  • Countryside Giants
  • Hagrid vs. Hodor
  • Renley is a badass
  • Selina declares her love to Brienne
  • Seabitch
  • Sansa speaks some more
  • Arya and Yoren, amazing acting
  • Yoren's amazing line
  • The Tickler
  • Would you like my brother to join?
  • How to pronounce things
  • At Crastor's