Tyrion’s Bedroom

Game of Owns is back with a full panel this week, buzzing with the excitement of the latest Game of Thrones episode "The Night Lands". Do some of hosts feel sorry for Cersei? What is Crastor doing with the White Walkers? What happened when Zack and Eric went shopping? And what exactly happened on that map table? Find out this week on Game of Owns.

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Discussion Topics

  • Selina went to Bath and met George R. R. Martin there
  • Crastor in bed with the White Walkers
  • Ghost has been eating his puppy chow
  • Terrance and Selina talk premiere, quickly
  • Tyrion's bedroom
  • Sympathy for Cersei
  • Theon has stamina
  • Zack and Eric went shopping
  • The loudest cry ever
  • Littlefinger owned
  • Map table loving
  • Who wins Own of the Week?