Sweaty Showdown

The fourth is strong with GOO this week as Micah returns from his staycation with George RR Martin, building a new East Wing onto his sprawling estate in Long Island. We discover near the top of this week's episode that Joffrey Baratheon's controversial lineage may not be so controversial after all, and that silk robes are proper podcasting attire. Detective Nedward Stark moves forward with his investigation as your band of heroes travel further into the first book of your favorite white walking HBO series.

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Discussion Topics

  • Bath robe welcome and boring eyes
  • Joff may be Robert's son after all
  • Learn the name of the book, show, and podcast
  • Intimate pain and bromance
  • Hello Sam, nice to meet you
  • Speilerman talks Wardens and Cravens
  • Jon's dream
  • A woman's head was found floating in the Rainbow Pool
  • Detective Nedward meets Gendry
  • The pivotal chapter
  • The showdown
  • Sansa is strong
  • Baelish be creeping
  • The Mountain and the Hound
  • Mortal Kombat?
  • Robert is through with politics. He wants to fight.
  • Loras incited some jealousy
  • Arya all bruisey
  • Varys' sweaty visit with Neddard
  • Master strategists
  • Owns of the Week