Season 3 LIVE

Hear your own voices call in during the show for the first time ever in this live Game of Owns! Hundreds of dedicated listeners braved the cool down of Season 3 and joined the crew for a live recording and group session, discussing the ins and outs of the show so far, and the much awaited listener Owns of the Season!

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Discussion Topics

  • Undressing
  • First caller ever
  • Submitter tokomasho calls
  • Dany and the missing Tyrells
  • Critics Choice Award, tie?
  • A caller's solid Theon proposal
  • Gordy Walsh calls the show!
  • Where is Mance Rayder?
  • Surprise visit
  • Issues with Cat
  • War starters
  • Sansa, Tyrion, Shae, and Varys
  • Arya and the Hound
  • Larrythewombat and Tywin
  • Saaam
  • Borden's epic own
  • House Bolton