Episode 11 – The Horse, the Spear, and the Tears

In the midst of time travel, our heroes brave the emotional free-for-all that is this Game of Thrones Season 2 finale. Eric joins for a portion of the episode (by way of questionable methods) and exposes a sonnet of emotion toward Theon Greyjoy and the mess he has gotten himself into. We learn Micah does indeed have a weakness, Selina still doesn’t like Dany, and Zack explores the deepest depths of the series.

Discussion Topics

The horse and the intern
Micah’s hints
Eric time travels into this episode
The Brain Room
Magic is here
The end of the episode
Zack hums Disney
Lt. and Corporal Creepy Face enjoy bath salts
Tyrion’s eye, passing time
Shae loves?
Tyrion’s fall from grace
Tyrion and Varys
The Eunuch and the Alpha Whore
Horse in the throne room
Sansa and Baelish
Pycelle’s beard
Joffrey is different
Baelish gets Harrenhall
Brienne and Jaimie
Imagine living in medieval times like thisbb
Is the show sexist?
Robb and Catelyn
Argus Frey
Dating in the United Kingdom, Selina’s love
Deeper meanings of the series
The Comet
Dept. of Mysteries parallels and the Prophecy
Pokemon comes full circle
Selina questions Dany
Micah cries
Eric cries for Theon
Jon in the North
Counting our fallen
All men must die
Jaqen. Jaqen?
Micah met Ros
The fandom will continue – what now?
Owns of the Week
It is owned

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